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Is it workable to upgrade my existing monitoring and control systems to PMSI’s latest advancements? 


Advances in technology enable producers to drive significant improvements in their production and plant processing efficiency. However, while an increasing number of organizations recognize the need to upgrade existing controls and monitoring within their facilities, updating equipment often proves challenging to carry out. This article looks at potential barriers to upgrades and how to overcome them.

Customer Equipment transition challenges include:
• Determining how you want your system to operate.
• Inventorying items you can continue to use, such as frequency drives and egg counters.
• Scheduling the best time for the equipment transition.
PMSI can help with the transition by addressing these challenges:
• Schedule a visit to your site to help understand and plan the transition
• Observe the existing control system and make certain we understand your needs.
• Review the control panel design to be sure we have all elements of monitoring and control that you need.
• Discuss with you the logistics of how we will remove the existing system, and switch to the Command III system, all the while minimizing interruption to your daily operations.
We asked Matt of Wenning Farm what made him decide to make the transition from one company to another. He said, “We wanted to work with someone who had more egg-flow experience. Since we made the upgrade, the system has worked trouble free. It just works, which makes it easy to select PMSI equipment going forward. Hands down, we will use PMSI.”


It’s that time of year to test your backup thermostats
Managing backups to prevent catastrophe is ultimately up to management. Protect your flock against power failure or major ventilation interruption. It’s worth the time to test each thermostat in each barn. Heat and humidity levels during these conditions will rise rapidly and could reach fatal levels within a matter of minutes. Set all backup thermostat settings carefully. Check and service back-up generators regularly.

Backup Thermostat Testing
1. Verify that a thermostat can activate a set of fans by adjusting to below set-point. This should activate fans to stage on
2. Check each thermostat using this process

PMSI recommends both backup thermostats and an alarm system. The backup thermostat’s job is relatively simple but extremely important. For example, it takes over fan control/staging if a controller fails.


I am pleased to announce that Jacob Koch has joined our technical department as a Control Panel Technician. In his new role, Jacob will be responsible for design and will modify wiring diagrams and control panels based on customers’ changing needs.

Job Title: Control Panel Technician

Job Responsibilities:
• CAD drawing panel layout and electrical schematic generation
• Bill of material/sales, order generation
• Control panel wiring, setup, and testing
• National Electric Code and UL/CSA code research to insure PMSI panels

B.S. in Technology Systems Management, Michigan State University (2012). Focus on Metals and Fabrication.

Past Work Experience:
Industrial maintenance technician at a drop forging plant

Favorite Aspect of Job:
“Knowing that I’m contributing to something bigger than myself for the greater good of society.”

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