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PMSI Product Overview - 2013 - IPPE Issue

PMSI announces software and hardware enhancements for 2013, as well as new features to support industry enriched systems.

Take a look at a few of the new enhancements:
A new larger display at 17 inches helps production managers and staff view house conditions at a glance. The upgraded high definition CIIIe display delivers 66.7% more pixels, making it easier to operate and quickly respond to alerts. The dual core CPU speeds up the process of graphing in-house conditions. The security of your system is now improved with the new backup for hardware longevity. CIIIe’s data storage now comes with a solid state drive (SSD) which means no moving mechanical components. This translates to faster access to data and better data integrity.

PMSI addresses some of the new and upcoming enriched options with its litter delivery auger controls and light dimming control. CIIIe automatically distributes feed to your scratch pad with timed feed distribution. This is an easy to use, operator-determined scheduling feature. The CIIIe also helps manage your light dimming needs along with managing light intensity during simulated sunrise and sunset.

Familiar REF-Style timeout egg alerts are now available for the Command IIIe display. A timeout alert occurs when the time since the last egg was counted is greater than the alert delay value. A sensor that is currently under a timeout alert will be highlighted on the house screen in the corresponding alert color (normally red). The timeout alert is used to help aid in locating problems with the egg collection equipment, such as belt breaks, motor failures and egg jams.

The CIIIe user-interface is engineered exclusively for the poultry industry. CIIIe hardware features include simple snap-in service and expandability, as well as removable data storage for backing up entire flock histories.

Custom Motor Control Panels
An integrated solution from the industry leader in poultry house controls.
PMSI is proud to announce a complete line of custom motor control panels in addition to our standard Command IIIe poultry house controls.  This means it is now possible to order all control panels from one source, ensuring that everything will be designed to work together as a complete, integrated system.

• A turnkey solution from the industry leader in poultry house automation
• Seamless integration between the Command IIIe system and the devices it controls
• Custom design and fabrication to precisely meet your needs
• High quality, cost competitive components selected for longevity and value
• Greatly reduced installation costs by electricians due to proper design and testing
• One single knowledgeable source for customer support and spare parts
Join the growing list of satisfied customers who rely on PMSI’s integrated approach. Maximize the performance of your barns by selecting custom motor control panels as a turnkey solution.

Automatic Bird Scale

Automatic bird scales enable the flock manager to check the daily status of bird weights and track overall progression of bird growth. This feature automatically detects when a bird perches on the scale, and then records the bird’s weight. Bird weights are taken throughout the day and averages are calculated daily.

• Displays current scale reading, along with the day’s detected high, low and average weights
• Chart average daily flock weights
• Graph flock’s target vs. actual bird weights
• Graph bird weight uniformity
• Transportable scale for weighing at different locations
• Auto adjusts for dirty scale and corrects weighed values
• Auto adjusts to account for multiple birds on scale
• Waterproof weighing module makes cleaning with disinfectants possible before every use

Environmental Control System
PMSI environmental control helps the manager achieve the best performance by maintaining optimal conditions for bird health, feed efficiency and production. The PMSI environmental control system will help managers automatically maintain temperature uniformity in the house positively affecting feed intake, body weight, and your bottom line.
For maximum animal safety and continuous control, PMSI’s environmental control suite offers unparalleled flexibility to allow the producer to control the bird’s environment according to their specific needs.

HACCP Monitoring and Control
HACCP Automation Ensures Food Safety: Industry leaders recognize that HACCP automation in the processing plant is a key to ensuring food safety. Automated solutions like PMSI’s CIIIe HACCP system helps prevent food-borne illnesses by making monitoring and reporting easy.

Counters and Software
PMSI offers a wide range of tools – including a unique family of sensors – to improve information management for producers of everything from poultry to eggs to bakery products. The latest addition is the IR3, a 3” image detecting sensor for individual egg belts that accurately and cost effectively counts eggs without single filing.
Using infrared light, the sensor generates a profile of any product or group of products passing under it. From this profile, the sensor can measure the area and generate a package count. It can count by individual item or by group. The collected information can be used to monitor production, measure efficiency and improve processes.

Rice Lake Load Scales
Rice Lake Load Scales allow managers to quickly and efficiently track feed weight, and thus feed intake. High-quality scale weigh modules that are consistent, accurate and durable; they weigh from 5,000 to 200,000 pounds.

Egg Flow Control
Responsive Egg Flow (REF) is a unique, money saving system that electronically counts and controls the flow of eggs from the hen house to the processing equipment.
A farm-tested, user-friendly system, REF helps to reduce shell damage by gathering all houses simultaneously or in batches, REF automatically regulates belt speeds to provide smooth egg flow to the plant.

Automated Identification System
AIM helps to reduce labor costs, hand coding, and labeling expenses by printing the pack / expiration dates, product codes and customer name directly onto the shipping case.

BinTrac Pro Scale
BinTrac Pro takes the guesswork out of feed storage. Using Smart Summing Boxes to register feed weight, the feed level is then calculated and displayed as a bar graph on a LED screen.

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