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PMSI - Heat Mapping Feature // New Control Panel // New Employee

Heat Mapping Feature


Quickly Identify Anomalies and Uneconomical Temperature Patterns Using Historical and Real-Time Data
PMSI developed one of its latest Atlas Environmental Monitoring features to help managers and decision-makers easily view an animated history of sensor temperature measurements.


Application: The heat mapping feature is a data visualization tool that helps increase the speed at which you interpret temperature data. It allows you to analyze temperature patterns at a glance and quickly identify troublesome areas which could be negatively effecting bird production. Mapping house or complex temperature data using colors is intuitive, making it more efficient and convenient than comparing numeric values.
A current user of this feature comments on the advantages. Complex Manager, Blake Van Denburgh at Sioux Center, Iowa uses the PMSI Heat Mapping feature every-day. He says, “It’s much easier than watching temperature numbers. I would recommend it to anyone.” This feature is not just for managers.

This feature is not just useful for saving managers time; it can also be beneficial to:
• Night watchman
• Maintenance Staff
• Personnel with a language barrier
• General labor

Blake reports, “with this feature we can use all of our production team to monitor temperature changes in the house.” For example, the night watchman is trained to quickly determine, while making his rounds, if there are any hot or cold temperature changes by simply glancing to see if any portion of the map is turning blue or red.

How it helps:
• Intuitive visual data analysis with comprehensive filtering and alerting capabilities
• Easily interpret temperature data for timely corrective action response

You can implement this feature at the desktop level using the Atlas Production System.

  • Immediately detect temperature violations which inhibit production.
  • Easily train staff to interpret temperature results; more information available to make decisions.
  • Transform data into intuitive, validated graphical results that are easy to understand and use.


What a Custom Motor Control Panel Must Do

The new PMSI Custom Motor Control Panel presents common-sense innovation designed for ultimate peace of mind when trouble-shooting technical issues. When combined with our standard CIIIe poultry house controls, you can be sure everything will be designed to work together as a complete, integrated system.

Cal-Maine Foods of Dade City, Florida recently installed 4 of PMSI's Custom Motor Control Panels with their CIIIe system. This is what Cal-Maine Pullet Manager, Jonathon Gray, had to say about them, “These panels are the most efficiently designed panels I have seen. The panels are professionally designed so as to save time when trouble-shooting.”

The most common loss of time when trouble-shooting is chasing wire and attempting to figure out what powers which point. All PMSI panels have common-sense labeling and grouping. Each panel has specific, easy-to-understand drawings provided to the customer.


I am delighted to announce that Justin Mehalic has joined our sales department as a Sales Representative. In his new role, Justin will be responsible for helping expand sales on the West coast.

Job Title: Sales Representative

Job Duties: Develop and manage customer relationships through sales calls and visits. Ensure that existing customers are satisfied with our systems. Prospect for new customers and follow through on potential leads. Customize quotes for potential projects and present those to customers.

Favorite part of Job: Meeting customers who have seen and report that our system is extremely beneļ¬cial in helping accomplish the goals for their business.

Hobbies: Spending time with friends, fishing, golfing, running and reading.

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