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AIM (Automated Identification Marking System)

AIM helps to reduce labor costs, hand coding, and labeling expenses by printing the pack / expiration dates, product codes and customer name directly onto the shipping case.

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AIM Automates Case Labeling

A Dramatic Improvement in High Resolution Case Labeling
PMSI is now offering its second generation Automated Identification and Marking (AIM) system. Now with high resolution bar coding capabilities, this revolutionary system works with both half and full cases.
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High Resolution Bar Coding Now a Reality
With recent advances in ink-jet print head technology, a high resolution barcode can now be printed on virtually all types of carton material as part of your label. This includes UPC container codes and any other barcode information required by your customer. In addition to barcode capability, all types of a hi-res images can be printed, including custom logos, USDA shields, etc. as desired.
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Eliminate Hand Application of Labels
AIM is a high resolution ink-jet printing system utilizing one or more print heads to label cases from multiple packing stations. AIM greatly reduces labor cost by eliminating hand-coding and labeling. A label can be generated on one or both sides of the case if so desired.
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AIM Prints
  • Pack and expiration dates
  • Product codes
  • Bar codes
  • Lot information
  • Logos
  • Graphic symbols
AIM Provides
  • 4-inch barcode and text labeling capability
  • High resolution, easy-to-read labels
  • Bar code verification (optional) after each label is generated
  • Tracking of finished product inventory
  • Exporting of inventory data to other management software
  • Ease of adjustment for product changes per packing lane

AIM Benefits
  • Reduced labor costs by eliminating hand-coding and hand application of labels
  • Reduced inventory cost of custom pre-printed cases
  • Use generic cases with customized label printing to meet each customer’s requirement
  • Reduced printing costs. Ink-jet usage costs are fractions of a cent per label
  • Improved product traceability with bar-code printing on each individual case