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Egg Counters - Increase Product Accuracy

Available in 3" and 4" egg belt units, as well as 8" to 48" rod or belt conveyor configurations.
Our Electronic Egg Sensors accurately count eggs in any arrangement on a rod or belt conveyor, and the sensor uses infrared light to detect eggs without contact with the eggs. The sensor can count side-by-side eggs, and a sealed design allows the sensor to operate in harsh poultry house conditions, even during washdown.

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Features at a glance:
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(4" counter shown with extra wide egg belt in an Enriched Colony Housing System)

  • The use of infrared technology means the eggs are counted without being touched. This eliminates the risk of damage and/or soiling
  • As the electronics are sealed into the counter it can be left in place in the poultry house even during cleaning
  • Low energy consumption
  • Compact model
  • No need to separate eggs
  • Accurately count eggs on egg belts and rod conveyors

The 8 - 48 inch infrared electronic egg sensors accurately count eggs in any arrangement on a rod or belt conveyor, and when combined with a power supply and a readout, the counters can also be used as stand alone units.
Available in the following widths:
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(Egg counter with wide egg belt shown)

  • IR 8 inch Egg Counter
  • IR12 inch Egg Counter
  • IR16 inch Egg Counter
  • IR 20 inch Egg Counter
  • IR 24 inch Egg Counter
  • IR 28 inch Egg Counter
  • IR 32 inch Egg Counter
  • IR 36 inch Egg Counter
  • IR 40 inch Egg Counter
  • IR 48 inch Egg Counter