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Responsive Egg Flow (R.E.F.)

Responsive Egg Flow (REF) is a unique, money saving system that electronically counts and controls the flow of eggs from the hen house to the processing equipment. A farm-tested, user-friendly system, REF helps to reduce shell damage by gathering all houses simultaneously or in batches, REF automatically regulates belt speeds to provide smooth egg flow to the plant.

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PMSI’s Egg Flow System Offers Unique Management Options
• Support for enhanced speed reduction via row, tier, or house switching
• Egg timeout alerts on-screen
• Available local (in-house) control of rate of eggs even if server connection fails
• Tracking of egg densities along cross belts
• Encoders on egg belts and cross belts
• Improved tracking accuracy
• House completion criteria based on belt travel
• Batching for selective blending of houses
• Control of daily schedule for product sequencing
• Sequenced filling and emptying of conveyor
• Ability to select daily case target for each house
• Variable speed control of egg belts
• Cage row switching capability
• Verification of cross-conveyor operations
REF Safeguards Operation During Daily Runs
• Low egg count alerts
• Jammed egg belt alerts
• Optional immediate shutdown in the case of cross-conveyor problems
• Graphical overview of houses and cage rows
• Graphical overview of conveyor layout and batch locations
REF Generates Reports On
• Count information (house, tier and row totals)
• Run statistics (stops, rates, and efficiency)
• Cross-belt inventories and batch locations
• Historical egg flow data