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Reporting and Alerting
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Documenting Critical Control Points in Plants and Coolers

This new version of Command IIIe is designed to meet the needs of food processors, packagers and handlers. With the same rugged reliability as other models, the Command IIIe processing plant computer can monitor, control, report and provide documentation for the many critical control points required in today's safety-conscious environment.

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Documents HACCP data
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Graphically displays information for any controlled operation
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Alerts user to out-of-tolerance conditions
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Monitors and controls any processing plant operation
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Provides verifiable documentation for refrigeration, wash water temperatures and Ph levels
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Helps packer provide bacteria-free food
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Communicates via modem to remote locations
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Interfaces data to PC, Windows database

  • Maintains and verifies uniform conditions
  • Permits timely response to alerted critical conditions
  • Prevents serious damage to refrigeration and other controlled components
  • Saves energy and labor costs
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Items Monitored and Controlled:
  • Wash water and rinse water temperatures
  • Ph levels
  • Cooler temperatures
  • Compressor run times
  • Humidity
  • Other desired features
Hardware Requirements:
  • Command IIIe
  • Desired sensing/control devices (for wash/rinse water temperature, cooler temperature, refrigeration operation, boiler and well operation)
  • Optional PC with Windows

Real-time HACCP:
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Monitor your Command IIIe Processing Plant Computer from your HACCP computer throughout the day.

Track wash water, pH, rinse water, chlorine, plant water temperatures, cooler temperatures and every other sensor, as they change – all real-time. No more waiting until the HACCP reports print out to see high-resolution graphs of Critical Control Points.

Improved Alert Reporting:
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Our HACCP system will alert you so you can respond quickly, and accurately.

We’ve updated the format on our HACCP reports to make your job easier. You can now cross-reference strobe light alarms directly to the sensors that caused them.

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CIIIe is specifically engineered for the intricacies of poultry house management; it is not standard off-the-shelf hardware any electrician can assemble. PMSI designed the CIIIe from the ground up with poultry industry specifications in mind – today’s larger houses, dirt, ruggedness, high electrical noise, and water resistance, to name a few.

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Access to what's going on wherever you happen to be
Whether you're at your desk, or on a trip, you'll have easy access to crucial information when you want it.
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Completely Programmable
With a PMSI designed system, you really can "have it your way". Program custom reports, and other helpful procedures to make managing easier.
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24 / 7 / 365 Dependability
The products we design are built to last a long time with little to no maintenance. Rugged components, combined with advanced engineering allow our systems to last through many flocks.
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Real-Time Alerting
When seconds matter, you need precise and dependable alerting when it matters most. With PMSI's real-time alerting, you are alerted in real-time, with real-knowledge as to what needs to be done.

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