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Motor Control Panels

An integrated solution from the industry leader in poultry house controls.
PMSI is proud to announce a complete line of custom motor control panels in addition to our standard Command IIIe poultry house controls. This means it is now possible to order all your control panels from one source with the total confidence that everything will be designed to work together as a complete system.

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Benefits at a glance:
  • A turnkey solution from the industry leader in poultry house automation
  • Seamless integration between the Command IIIe system and the devices it controls
  • Custom design and fabrication to precisely meet your needs
  • High quality, cost competitive components selected for longevity and value
  • Greatly reduced installation costs by electricians due to proper design and testing
  • One single knowledgeable source for customer support and spare parts

Motor Control Options:
Ventilation Controls:
  • Single Speed Fans
  • Variable Speed Fans
  • Evaporative Cooling
  • Backup thermostat provisions

Air Inlet Controls:
  • Baffles
  • Curtains
  • Tunnel Doors
  • Power Shutters
  • Backup air inlet provisions

Light Controls:
  • Incandescent, Compact Fluorescent, or LED bulbs
  • Light dimmers properly matched to the lighting style you choose
  • Sunrise/Sunset simulation
  • Backup time clock provisions

Egg Collection Controls:
  • VS Drives matched to egg belt motor performance
  • Elevator motor interlocks to insure safe egg transfer from individual egg belts
  • Cross Conveyor Control with interlocks
  • Variable Speed Cross Conveyor Control
  • Egg Saver Controls

Litter Auger Controls:
  • For Enriched Colony Housing, delivery of material to the scratch pads
Feed Cart Controls:
  • Feed cart forward/reverse contactors
  • Front/Back limit switch detection
  • Cart in motion fault monitoring
  • Advanced Fill System safety interlocks
  • Seamless integration with CIIIe’s sophisticated control algorithm
  • On-screen position indication
  • Manual switch backup provisions

Tier Feeder Controls:
  • Standard tier feeding
  • Soft start or VS drive provisions to minimize feed chain startup issues
  • Fill system augers
  • Weigh bin augers
  • Integrated feeder/auger interlocks to prevent spillage/jamming
  • Backup time clock provisions

Manure Belt Controls:
  • Standard control with interlocks to manure takeaway systems
  • Manure takeaway belt monitoring and control
  • Variable Speed Manure Belt Control

Manure Drying Controls:
  • Custom manure drying control solutions to meet your needs

Join the growing list of satisfied customers who rely on PMSI’s integrated approach by selecting custom motor control panels as a turnkey solution to maximize the performance of their barns.