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Feed weighing system

  • Patent Pending Bracket with ‘S’ style Tension Load Cell for Each Leg
  • Digital Summing Box for Each Bin
  • BinTrac Weight Indicator for up to 4 Bins
  • Optional Output Interfaces to 3rd party controls

Bracket with Loadcell
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  • Easily installs on existing & loaded bins
  • The bracket is the lifting mechanism
  • Requires less than ½” bin lift
  • Simplifies equal loading
  • No shimming or blocking
  • Field calibration is not required
  • Temperature compensated load cell
  • Optional 3 year warranty on load cell includes lightning
Digital Summing Box
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  • Minimize special loadcell cabling and noise
  • Wiring runs up to 250' with low cost cable
  • Proprietary isolation technology protects load cell from electrical surges and lighting
Weight Indicator
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  • Up to 4 bins per indicator
  • Displays multiple bins at timed intervals
  • High visibility bar graph level indictor
  • Locate up to 250 feet from bin
  • Single 4 wire cable connects multiple devices
  • Low-voltage electronics