Egg Flow Control & Automation


Over 4 decades ago, Prism Controls®, under the name Poultry Management Systems (PMSI), pioneered the first automated egg flow system with the goal of improving production efficiency and profits for the layer industry. With today’s labor challenges and mega barns, the need for custom, innovative egg flow solutions has never been greater.


At Prism Controls®, solving your egg flow challenges isn’t just a service, it’s an obsession. This means that every egg flow solution we build is designed to meet the unique needs of our customers.


Advance Capabilities Include

  • Product Batching – Great for running browns and whites at the same time.
  • Batching with Separation – Supports smoother transitions into new product runs.
  • Egg Belt Pulsing – Enables even greater reductions in egg flow and belt speeds.
  • Tier and Row Switching – Increases flexibility in controlling egg volumes.
  • Case Per Hour Settings – Set your desired cases per hour and let it run.
  • Advance Solution Development – Have a problem you can’t solve? Let our experts help.

If you’re ready to see what our egg flow systems and experts can do for you, contact us. We’re here to help.

EGGFLOW Downloads:

A unique, money saving system that electronically counts and controls the flow of eggs from the hen house to the processing equipment.


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