Responsive Egg Flow (REF)

Intelligent. Customizable. Reliable.


Manage your egg flow more efficiently, saving time, labor, and money. REF is an investment in productivity, damage control and accountability. Cage-free egg production just compounds the challenges our REF system must manage.

Egg flow is deceptively complicated, and our REF system is designed to make the process as simple as possible; to the point of a single set-point that needs to be adjusted from one day to the next.


REF controls the speed of the egg belts across the entire complex to maintain an even and consistent rate of eggs sent to the processing facility.

In the early 1980s, Prism Controls® listened to producers who were battling rod conveyors tearing up belts, so we designed a simple but effective system to quickly monitor and address issues. REF was the first computerized egg flow system in the world.

Plus we provide the remote support sometimes needed to solve egg flow problems.


Prism Controls® Responsive Egg Flow (REF) system combines our proprietary software with custom engineering designed specifically for the exact needs of our industry, to create an end-to-end egg flow solution. REF is scalable to meet your needs, whether you are managing a small or large farm.

What REF provides for you:

  • Egg counting
  • Automatic control of egg flow – hen house to processing 
  • Farm-tested, user-friendly
  • Unique management and reporting options

Benefits Include:

  • Reduces egg flow times, reducing labor costs
  • Fewer empty spools
  • Fewer stops
  • Less breakage
  • Efficient egg flow through precision control
  • Controls and monitors the environment


Intelligent Engineering for You

Prism Controls® Responsive Egg Flow system reduces shell cracks by automatically regulating belt speeds to provide a consistent and smooth flow of eggs throughout the entire conveyor system. (link to cut sheet)


Customizable for Your Operations

REF’s proprietary egg flow software is customizable and includes access to Prism Controls®’ support team to set up and fine-tune your system.


Actionable Information

Take control and make on-the-go adjustments with meaningful data.

  • Count information (house, tier, and row totals)
  • Intelligent counter alerting
  • Run statistics (stops, rates, and efficiency)
  • Cross-belt inventories
  • Historical egg flow data
  • Graphical overviews
    • Houses and cage rows
    • Conveyor layout and batch locations
  • HACCP monitoring



Prism Controls® has exclusive partnerships with leading counter manufacturers to offer a wide range of counter options designed to work with any cage or cage-free system. REF integrates seamlessly with Prism Controls® IR counters for unparalleled performance, reliability, and accuracy, even in harsh conditions.


Good Investment, ROI

Our Responsive Egg Flow system delivers measurable results for your operation:

  • Positive ROI possible in as little as 12 months
  • Increases egg production by reducing egg damage
  • Improves production efficiency by reducing downtime
  • Maximizes labor usage by automating egg flow management
  • Extends motor, chain, and egg belt life through precision, speed control
  • Automatically adjusts egg flow to consistently meet case per hour targets


Empowers Your People

REF’s built-in reporting and KPI dashboards unite your data sources and provide at-a-glance visual feedback. This allows employees to monitor egg flow performance and adjust to maximize daily production in real-time.


Reduces Stops/Starts

Reduce your unplanned or unnecessary egg belt stops & starts to ensure accurate egg counts and minimize cracked shells.

REF’s Continuous Egg Flow technology ensures continuous belt movement and a smooth, controlled transition during speed changes.


Purpose-Built Brackets

Prism Controls® provides the best egg counters, with purpose-built brackets designed specifically to work in today’s demanding cage and cage-free environments. Strong brackets ensure optimum installation heights and angles to deliver the most accurate egg counts possible. Allows easy cleaning without requiring readjustment of the bracket or counter.


Built-In Safeguards

Designed with safety and efficiency in mind, Prism Controls® Responsive Egg Flow system provides real-time information when problems arise including:

  • Automated conveyor shutdown when breakdowns are detected
  • In-house backup controls and overrides when needed
  • Continual monitoring of egg flow, counts, and density
  • Real-time alerts when low egg counts are detected
  • Intelligent egg counter alerts
  • Alerts when egg jams are identified
  • On-screen egg timeout alerts


A unique, money saving system that electronically counts and controls the flow of eggs from the hen house to the processing equipment.


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